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Scripts in GENESYS 2006

Question asked by MZachmann on Sep 6, 2006
Scripting is this cool new feature in GENESYS 2005/6 that lets you automate tasks and do global search and replace stuff.

For 2006.07 we've added some new scripts into the script library along with a new video (Scripting).

Script library scripts:

CopyModels - this script copies all models from the workspace into your MyModels library (which is assumed to exist). Mainly used for migrating from 2004.

DeleteDatasets - this script deletes all datasets from your workspace.

RemoveFolders - this sample script deletes all empty folders from your workspace. Also good for migrating from 2004.

ReplaceSubstrates - this script changes all the SUBST entries in every part in every design in your root so that if a part used a substrate the new substrate entry is the formula =Substrate. This allows you to define a one line equation (Substrate="FR4", for example) that sets the substrate for all parts in the design.

SetDesignToQtrSymbols - this goes through a design and replaces all 1/6 grid symbols with 1/4 grid symbols (as necessary) for ADS/IFF compatability.