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A problem about layout

Question asked by CHENGXIE on Aug 2, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2006 by JERRY_MARKETOS
When I use layout from schematic, the foodprints of the lumped elements seems not correct. The layer is vert which I never set in the substrate or layer manager. And from the schematic, I tryed to change the footprint of the elements, but it was always in the layer of the vert. And where is the element’s silk layer?

I must change the layer of the elements, then it can be simulat in the EMPOWER.

And even use the MFilter syntheses and the default layer, the layout is wrong. The layer is also the VERT...... :? 

Would you please tell me where I should set to correct the default layer of the footprints of all elements to top metal?

Thank you.

Chengcheng Xie