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Identify Tuned Variables to workspace

Question asked by ABOMPA on Jul 10, 2003
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2003 by MZachmann
As it stands now when you tag a component for tagging it is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.. If you have multiple workspaces open and they all have a capacitor C5 tagged for tuning they will appear in the tuning window.  However, there is no clear association of which C5 belongs to which workspace..What would be nice is if in the tunning window there could be some type of header (or seperation) of the tunnig components so that one can more clearly see which workspace they are associated with.. Also, a nice feature would be to have the ability to turn tunning on and off at the window instead of going into the schematic and popping into the parameter window of the component..

The above would be nice but I suppose not neccesary..