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TUNED/OPTIMIZED values (don't appear to be) replaced...

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jun 5, 2003
Here's the scenario:
Components have been tuned, or optimization was performed.  Sometimes the optimization is done in conjunction with a synthesis module like MFILTER.

Then, when the user hits "escape", or when the user clicks "replace" at the dialogue box asking if you want to replace tuned values  (or this can happen automatically if the "auto-replace" function is turned on)...

Some or all of the variable values appear to get replaced using slightly different (or sometimes VERY different) values, sometimes even looks like the optimizer forgot and returned to the original values it started with.

Here's what to check:  It could be a simple decimal truncation issue.  If the tuned/optimized values are numerically small (decimals), some of the decimal places could be getting chopped off, depending on what the user has set this to.  Check the main menu TOOLS, OPTIONS, GENERAL tab, look in the box DIGITS RIGHT OF DECIMAL.  Try increasing it by 2 or 3 digits and see if this cures the issue.