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Question on using Spectrasys

Question asked by jphua on Sep 27, 2005
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2005 by JERRY_MARKETOS
Hi, I am using SpectraSys and I think it is a great software. However, two issues have been causing me problems.

I am getting this error message "Simulation 'xxx-normal analysis' didnt converge after 51 passes. Make sure that loops in the schematic do not have gain". I checked all the loops, and I am pretty sure that there is no positive feedback in any of these loops. I am not building an oscillator or anything like that. Pls advise on what this error message may mean.

On a possibly related note, I have been getting error messages due to 0 dB attenuators in the schematic. Once I removed these 0 dB attenuators, its ok. These error messages says that the impedance looking into the attenuator is NEGATIVE (or are active sources), and the impedance is usually a very small negative value. The weirdest thing is that these errors only occur when I run Genesys on a faster PC (WinXP Pro SP2 and 2 GB RAM). When I run the simulation on an identical version of Genesys on a slower PC (Win 2000 Pro), these errors do not occur.

I am using Genesys 2004.07. Thx!