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Parameter in Optimization

Question asked by umekawa on Nov 30, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2006 by MZachmann

Now I want to handle more than 2 different parameters comming from 2 separate equation, named postprocess_eq1 and postprocess_eq2.

Equation postprocess_eq1 has a parameter, S11diff
(S11diff = abs(Linear_Data1.S11-Spara_file.S11) )
On the other hand, postprocess_eq2 has another parameter but same name, S11diff.

To refer to each of them in an Optimization window, I put them like below;

This grammer works in Graph window property but doesn't work in an Optimization window.

Is it a specification or something wrong behavior?
Now I'm using 2006.10.

I want to use this for S parameter fitting to an equivalent circuit.

Thanks in advance,