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Generalized S-parameters

Question asked by MARKGOODBERLET on Nov 29, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2006 by ABOMPA
I have a question on the following paragraph about Generalized S-parameters from the EMPOWER manual:

" In this case, you know that your port lines should be 50 ohms but EMPOWER reported 47 ohms.  If you then request Generalized S-parameter, GENESYS will also use 47 ohms for the terminating impedance, and a large part of the analysis error due to the grid will be cancelled. "

Suppose EMPOWER is used to characterize a component (e.g. microstrip T-junction) and then that component is used in circuit.  I understand that GENESYS uses Y-parameters for circuit analysis.  Hence the S-parameters generated by EMPOWER for the component will simply be converted to Y-parameters and the normalization factor (47 or 50 ohms in above example) will have been forgotten.

QUESTION: Do Generalized S-parameters (ie. whether we choose 47 ohms or 50 ohms in above example) have any effect on the Y-parameters associated with the EMPOWER analysis?