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2006.7 to 2006.10 problems

Question asked by mburfo on Nov 8, 2006
Importing from 2006.10 to 2006.10
Thought would save you guys some hassle....
When opening a 2006.7 workspace with a layout in 2006.10, apart from the usual units and global options being reset, I found that this in fact extended beyond the tools->options box.

I thought for ages that the optimally mitred microstrip bend had gone seriously wrong as it always was using the x/d limit of 0.85. After much head scratching and measurements, I realised that the substrate I had created had changed the mil to mm also!! so I had a substrate height of 300 and something mm which of course isn't visually obvious until you look at the empower layers in detail.

I have had other problems with importing 2006.7 workspaces in to 2006.10 where I had a lovely sheet set up to auto recalculate many linear simulations when I dropped a new .sp4 file in to a top level schematic. Nothing got updated, even when I told it to recalculate each of the 20 or so linear simulations and also the graph units kept reverting to dB when I wanted the graphs all in abs().

In short, I would recommend recreating all workspaces in 2006.10 from scratch! It will save hours instead of wasting potentially days figuring out why an existing workspace is no longer functioning.