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Using Post-Processing to take the difference of S-Parameters

Question asked by ROB_LEFEBVRE Employee on May 23, 2003
This example shows how to use Post-Processing equations to take the difference of S-Parameters.  The techniques shown here can be extended to do all different kinds of sophisticated post processing including complex calculations with results and model extraction.

In the Magnitude graph, the equation is put directly into the graph.  In the Reflection graph, the results from an equation in the Equations section of the workspace are used.

A couple of things to remember:

1.  It is VERY important to properly use the periods before the
type of measurement, such as .DB[S21]

2. You MUST specify the type of measurement, such as DB or RECT. 
Unlike graph outputs, DB is not used as a default.

If you use equation variables and use the "Equation Measurement
Wizard" from the tools menu as in the Reflection graph, then
these rules are followed automatically.

If you want to optimize, you can use either method in an optimization
block.  For an example of optimization, select "New From Template..."
from the "File" menu and open the file "Model Extract".

This workspace requires GENESYS 2003.03.

[file]sparm difference.wsp[/file]