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No Hardware Key was found on your local system.

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on May 22, 2003
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2016 by HANK001
No Hardware Key was found on your local system:

The software cannot find the hardware key because it is not attached, the correct driver has not been installed, or the port and the key are not communicating.

1.  Try restarting your computer with the key attached.

2.  Be sure that the Eagleware key is attached to your computer’s parallel port. All Eagleware keys have an Eagleware label and are either blue, beige, or white.

3.  If you have a blue or white key, you may need to install the HASP driver. Download the latest HASP driverFailure to have the HASP driver installed is the most common cause of the "Key not Found" problem.

4.  If you have a beige key and are running Windows NT/2000, install the latest Rainbow driver from Support/Patches. Follow the directions on the page to install the Rainbow driver. Note: These keys cannot be used with GENESYS 7 or later. Contact Eagleware if you have a beige key and GENESYS 7 or later.

5.  Your parallel port settings may be incorrect or may have been changed by a new peripheral. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to go into your BIOS settings and change your parallel port settings.

6.  If none of the above fix the problem, please try the hardware key on another computer. If the key is still not found, contact Eagleware or your distributor.