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Oscillator Analysis Special Functions

Question asked by Todd Cutler Employee on May 21, 2003
New GENESYS measurements and functions were added for oscillator analysis:
Voscport - the voltage at the oscillator test point

Ioscport - the error current through the oscillator test point.  At ideal convergence, this current will be 0.

Fosc@#0 - the frequency of oscillations of the dominant oscillation frequency.  If a circuit does not oscillate, the array’s size is 0 and measurement Fosc@#0 returns 0.

Fosc   - the array of small signal oscillations frequencies (in the event there is more than one oscillation state).

Refer to "HARBEC Osc Example.wsp" in the "Tutorials" directory of the GENESYS Examples directory for an example of how these are used.