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Use of EMPower and Stability Factor (K) and Measure (B1)

Question asked by aprocc on Aug 9, 2005

A. I am a newbie.
B. I am in the midst of designing a 4 stage cascaded amp (5-500MHz) using the Hittite amp HMC482ST89 (DC to 5Gig). This will have a lot a gain if I can get it to be stable.

Now the question:

C. Is it a viable solution to plot the stability factors for a cascaded (3-4 stage) amplifier using the output from the EM Power simulation?

Based on the Hittite App Engineer recommendations I am also plotting S11 and S22 to/from the ip / op of each stage to try and get a feel for stability. Again, I'm deriving the data from the EM Power simulation.

So: Am I on the right track?