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how can we plot a mfilter layout ?

Question asked by mlabro on Apr 17, 2003

I have designed a 700MHz combline filter with mfilter and I'd like to try it quickly. Therefore I'd like to plot the layout on a transparent film and then
on a fr4 pcb just to see roughly what it looks like at 700MHz.

I have tried "export to gerber". several files are generated.

After that, I use gerbtool from Orcad Layout but Orcad doesn't recognize these files, probably because it is not a gtd file.

For information,Orcad also recognizes dxf.

Q1 : What must I do for plotting the layout on a film ?

Q2 : I have seen many options. what option do I need to choose for plotting on a film (not xray...) or for the manufacturer ?

Q3 : how can we add sma connectors on this filter ? can we solder directly pin on i/o line or do we need to extend i/o lines ?