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difference between gain in HB and linear simulators

Question asked by etakac on Apr 2, 2003
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2003 by ROB_LEFEBVRE
I am designing a power amplifier using the HB engine.  I have swept the power from very low level (linear levels) to compression with the HB engine.  The data that is developed using the HB engine matches the data sheet provided by the manufacturer for the critical performance measures of the PA.  These performance measures are P1dB, G1dB and OIP3. 

I've also run a linear simulation on the exact same schematic model.  I am seeing a gain difference of about 3 dB between the linear simulator and the HB engine.  While I expected some differences between the two engines because of the inherent differences in the way the linear simulator and HB simulator works, this is quite a bit more than I expected to see.  The gain calculated using the linear simulator gave about 9.1 dB of gain, and the exact same circuit is giving about 6.2 dB.  As I stated previously, the 6.2 dB (5.2 dB for G1dB) is within the stated range for the device provided by the manufacturer. 

Thanks in advance for your response.