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Difference Between Power Measurement

Question asked by idolgi on Nov 24, 2004
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2004 by rrobbi
Hi all!
I`d like to get some explanations regarding next issue.
I designed a receiver channel and want to use real LO spectrum. I`ve maden  a source file of my LO. I set up the power of this my LO = -5 dbm (Look at first picture please.) When I analyse my workspace (the path that was created) I see that the power grown up to +35dbm(!) (Look at second picture pleas). Who can explain me - how does it possible?
Also I have a question about reverse path of LO signal through the signal filter and attenuators. In one of my cases (second picture) LO signal (it`s reverse path) reduces after signal filter as it should be but after attenuator it grows up. I can`t understand it  :? . In another case (look at sird picture) the LO signal grows up and after signal filler and after attenuator! What`s the reason of this phenomena? In both cases I guess LO signal should reduces along the path...