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Spectrasys: 'True' Frequency Dependent Blocks

Question asked by inickele Employee on Nov 10, 2011
I want model an amplifier block from its datasheet introducing frequency dependent parameters using the RFAMP block. Starting from from Examples>Spectrasys>Freq Dependence>Freq Dependent Params.wsx I modified the tables to match my device characteristics. Of course, the frequency sweep and extracting Gain & Noise from the path data returns the expected curves. Obviously, the variable FRF in this example doesn't relate to the internal harmonics of Spectrasys simulation. Therefore, a simple test specifying a 2nd tone with sufficient offset to observe a clear decrease in gain due to the amplifier's slope actually returns two tones at the gain of FRF. This will lead to incorrect harmonic responses when using this amplifier in a complete chain. What I'm looking for is the parameter specification of 'true' frequency dependent blocks valid in the entire spectral domain. In the example  of the gain it would be a user defined value effective similar to the FC/SLOPE specification. Intuitively I already tried the built-in (FRF=)FREQ variable, but it doesn't seem to work. How could I specify arbitrary frequency dependence that would effect all harmonics in Spectrasys simulation?