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Evaluation of monte carlo data

Question asked by CeeKay on Feb 24, 2011
Hello everybody,

I was wondering if anybody got an idea how to evaluate the data of a monte carlo analysis in a specific way. What I got is a impedance matching network for a saw filter, for which I generated a monte carlo analysis. Using this Data I plotted the gain response of the saw filter. What I need now would be the worst case of the gain response within the passband lets say by looking at the ripple. I know that the values for that are located within the monte carlo data file the only problem is that I have no idea how to evaluate them. I can't copy the data to excel or another program and I don't know how to write a script to do this for me. In a way of pseudo code I would need something like this:

setting of my bandwith limits
get number of monte carlo steps
scan for every step of the monte carlo analysis for the min and max signal amplitude within the range of the limits
do some math to get the ripple of the passband
see if you found a worst case if so store the values
after the last step was analysed print values for min max value, ripple, part values used for that simulation step

So how can I archive my goal in Genesys?

Greeting Christopher