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Quick Place window

Question asked by RANDY_RHEA on Dec 19, 2010
I suggest adding a quick place window to the Schematic menu. The user enters a few parameters and the feature places components in the schematic with values based on simple calculations. This window could have three basic functions.

1. Place a Single Reactor: The user enters the reactance in ohms, the frequency, and selects either an inductor or capacitor. The feature then places the INDQ or CAPQ in the schematic with Q=1E6.
2. Place a 2-element Matching Network: The user enters a source impedance, a load impedance, and a frequency. The feature then places two reactors in the schematic. Any two real impedances can be matched with two reactors. See The Yin-Yang of Matching, Parts I and II, High Frequency Electronics, March & April, 2006.
3. Place a Basic Lowpass Filter: The user enters a frequency, number of elements, termination resistance, and selects series or shunt element first. The feature then places a Butterworth filter in the schematic.

These features would simplify bypass, choking and simple design starts.

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