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PA output matching network design

Question asked by DavideResca on Sep 23, 2010
Dear all,
how can I use S/Filter to design a singly terminated network to be used as a power amplifier output matching network?
I need to use exact synthesis technique of S/Filter to design it distributed and being flexible about both the topology and impedance tranformation/parasitc absorbsion capabilities of the network. I need the network to be singly terminated as the output port (I mean the nonlinear VCCS at the output side) of a power transistor need to be connected to an impedance whose value is costant over the badwith of the amplifier.
A good example could be the design of this network as I already have the element values to compare the S/Filter results with.
Singly Terminated Distributed network
Band Pass Equiripple response,
2nd dual
f1 = 8 GHz, f2 = 11.2 GHz, fs (commensurate frequency of the distributed elements) = 28.8 GHz
Ripple = 0.02 dB
1 TZ @ infinity
2 TZ @ DC
3 UE
Rin = 14.164 Ohm (this is the resistance that I want to see from the input port of the network all over the bandwith)
The first element to extract should be a shunt capacitance that will be provided by the intrinsic capacitance of the FET.

I thank you in advance for your answers