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Strange behaviour in wsx file

Question asked by jross on Aug 23, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by jross
I'm not sure if the attached bug3.wsx file has a bug but can you please analyse it and compare the following conditions:

Analyse it with no changes and store the results.

Then analyse it again but remove the series 0.0001 Ohm resistor R2 by port 3 and bypass it with a shorting wire. This should not make any realistic change but I get a vastly different result.

I also get similar problems if I remove and bypass R1. i.e. the deep notch on the S31 RX graph is corrupted unless R2 or R1 are removed and bypassed.

I tried rebuilding the circuit from scratch and the new version behaves correctly. So does this bug3.wsx have a strange problem? (or maybe I haven't woken up yet on Monday and I've made a silly error somewhere     )