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DXF Unit is fixed to mil (2008.07)

Question asked by umekawa on Nov 12, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2008 by umekawa

When DXF import feature is used, even if original layout is drawn by mm unit, all of then are converted to mil unit in Genesys.
Now in Japan, this is causing confusion among users. (We always use mm unit for layout.)
Used to be, there is radio button to select unit in DXF import window but since 2008.07, it's removed.

Now if this kind question comes to me, I ask users to use unit mil when exporting DXF from their own layout editor to Genesys as a workaround but some of them complain of Genesys's limitation.
I'm also afraid this problem may be related to layout CAE...

Is there any better way to resolve this issue?

Just reporting the situation with us.