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How to create a new footprint folder

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Nov 22, 2004
To create a new footprint library (folder) and save footprints to it:

1) Main menu Tools, Footprint editor
2) Next, either load an existing footprint or create a new one using pads & ports

(Genesys provides some directories containing many existing footprints, but
it's impossible to anticipate all the different footprint configurations that might
occur.  For this reason, it's necessary to have the ability to modify or create
footprints.  To keep these new footprints seperate from the supplied ones
for easy reference, you should store them in a new directory named by you.
In other words, don't save new footprints into SM782, etc.)

Now, desire to save the footprint to a new footprint folder.

3) Main menu Tools, Footprint editor, "save footprint"
4) This brings up the "Choose Footprint" dialogue box.
5) "New file" and "New Object" will be selected - click OK
6) This brings up the "Choose New Library Filename" dialogue box.
This is where you choose the name of the new folder to be created - enter a name.
7) Next, you will be presented with a "New Object" dialogue box.
This is where you assign a name to the new footprint you're making.

Note:  In the future, you can create more new footprints and save them to the library
folder created in step 6 above.  The only difference is that you won't choose "new file"
in step 5;  The file will already exist in the list of folders, so you'll choose it instead.

The above covers how to create a footprint folder and save a footprint
to it.  Creating a new custom footprint is also easy- see this post: