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using a variable for port impedance in Genesys

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Nov 23, 2004
using a variable for port impedance in Genesys

In general, equation variables are very easy to implement
in Genesys.  For example, you can open the equations page
and enter


then use that variable to drive a component by entering
var1 instead of the component value.  (you can enter var1
for multiple components, and they will then be driven by the
same variable- that's called gang tuning)

You can make the variable tunable by changing it to var1=?56

This can also be done for input / output ports to make the impedance
a variable.  What you'll need to make sure to do is enter in the
input / output port   =var1

The equal sign tells Genesys to get the variable from the equations page.