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Nonlinear models and large signal S-parameter data

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Nov 18, 2004
Nonlinear models and large signal S-parameter data

For example, we sometimes receive a question to the effect:

"I want to use transistor part number XXXX.
Please provide the nonlinear model and large signal S-parameter data for this part".

The response and approach to obtaining the nonlinear model is:

As first step, Genesys includes many part-specific nonlinear models (as well as generic ones).
To see if a nonlinear model exists for a specific part, just place any generic model from the "nonlinear"
components menu.  Then open that model's "properties" box by doubleclicking it on the schematic,
and click the "model" button (inside the "properties" box).

Next, use the "Category" dropdown to look through the list of vendor specific parts series.

Once the desired category is found, use the "New Model" dropdown to look for the specific part

If you do not find the specific part number being sought, next step is to contact the component
vendor and request a nonlinear model and / or large signal S-parameters for the desired part number.

Note that Genesys offers the capability to link to SPICE models, so if the vendor can provide
you with a SPICE model for the given part, that's quite often a viable solution.