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request: schematic "open/short" applies

Question asked by LLASCA_eesof on Aug 6, 2008

I would like to make a request for the schematic editor.

Right now there is the nice feature in the schematic editor that allows you to select parts and disable as open/short for the schematic.

I would like for that feature to be extended to the layout (either as an option when executing that command or as a separate one).  

My usage: I have some features that I would like to disable for producing artwork (for prototyping) and I would rather not maintain two sets of schematics.   There are probably 50 features I need to disable, so it is much easier to save a variant of the file than to individually disable these blocks on the schematic.  with that simple change to the schematic editor, it would be very easy to maintain one design and just through a few selections make the changes (and reverse it with similar effort).

thanks for considering it.