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Spectrasys nonlinear device simulation

Question asked by PBOLTO on May 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2008 by rulonv
Hi, I'm currently trying to upgrade my Spectrsys simulation and need some advice on a couple of components that I'd like to "improve" over the existing models.
1) RF switch: All of the RF switch models I can find in Spectrasys are passive. In other words they do not include the effects of compression, TOIP etc. I think that the solution to this problem is to include a zero gain amplifier stage to simulate these effects. Question; which is the best model to use? Secondly should it be before or after the switch model? The losses through the switch are less than 1 dB and normally I would not worry about this but as I am discovering Spectrasys does need to be treated carefully otherwise you can get some odd results.
2) DC variable RF attenuator: Same sort of problem, the attenuator I am using has an odd P1dB performance. The P1db performance is control voltage dependent (no suprise) but it is very non linear. It has a high P1dB compression at top and bottom of the control voltage range and is low in the middle. Any ideas on how I should go about simulating this? I did consider an equation based model but can't get my head around the equation to model the Vcontrol vs P1dB

Many thanks