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Spectrasys and individual noise

Question asked by pmolnar on Jan 26, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2008 by rulonv
I'm struggling to understand the meaning of the individual noise spectrums that show up in the attached workspace.  It's an extremely simple example with a CW source followed by a gain block followed by an output port.  All ports are 50ohms, the gain block is ideal, measurement BW is 1MHz. Then looking at the individual noise spectrums (power plot) at the node between the source and the gain block there are 3 spectrums.  One from the source  and two from the RF amplifier.  Of the two from the amplifier, one is labeled:
P1: 99.9 MHz, -110.889 dBm
and the other is labeled
P1: 99.9 MHz, -111.543 dBm
What is the difference between these two noise spectrums and why are the power levels different?