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Uninstalling and Installing Older Versions of Genesys:

Question asked by rrobbi on Sep 1, 2004
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2004 by rrobbi
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Truth is that uninstalling and reinstalling software is usually not a remedy.
You usually DO NOT need to uninstall and reinstall Genesys software if your purpose is to add a new version or install new authorization codes.

The following instructions were written in a generic sense (for many versions), but are usually sufficient to guide through uninstall / reinstall.
These are largely intended for benefit of users with obsolete software.

For reference, following is a list of version history (stating only the latest version in a given series), along with the default installation directory:

Eagleware 6.5B          c:\\Eagleware
Genesys 7.52          c:\\program files\\Genesys
Genesys 8.11B          c:\\program files\\Genesys
Genesys 2002.09          c:\\program files\\Genesys2002.09
Genesys 2003.03 SP3                     c:\\program files\\Genesys2003.03
Genesys 2003.10          c:\\program files\\Genesys2003.10
Genesys 2004.03          c:\\program files\\Genesys2004.03
Genesys 2004.07          c:\\program files\\Genesys2004.07
Genesys 2005.11          c:\\program files\\Genesys2005.11
Genesys 2006.04          c:\\program files\\Genesys2006.04
Genesys 2006.07          c:\\program files\\Genesys2006.07

To uninstall existing Genesys software:

1) Be sure to make backup copies of any custom "accessory" files you may have made in the past, such as user models or custom layout footprints.  These are stored under the "Genesysxx" directory shown
in the list above.  Usually, the main folders of interest for backing up are "Model" and "LIb" under the "Genesysxx" folder.
2)  Go to Control Panel and open Add/Remove Programs.
3)  Find the Genesys software in the list of programs and click the remove button.
3)  Close Add/Remove Programs.
4)  The Windows uninstall utility usually cannot remove the highest level folder, so it must be removed manually.  Look on your c: drive at the location shown above.  Find the main "Genesysxx" folder and delete it.  (send to recycle bin)