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Sonnet Interface

Question asked by jross on Nov 1, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2007 by MZachmann
We have the Sonnet Interface option which has worked really well with V2004.

I started getting some strange errors with 2007 and Sonnet.

Error reading simulation data from Sonnet file C:\jobs\50WPA\double2_Sonnet\Sonnet1\Genesys.yp.

Incorrect number of Parameters on a line in data file C:\jobs\50WPA\double2_Sonnet\Sonnet1\Genesys.yp.  Each frequency must include the correct number of parameters with spaces between each as the delimeter.

This looks like 2007 is struggling to read the data format from Sonnet.

We've recently upgraded Sonnet from 10.52 to 11.52 so this may be part of the problem although 2004 seems to run OK.

I have managed to get some Sonnet simulations to return data that Genesys 2007 can cope with so this problem must be quite obscure.

The data file it refers to is about 2Mb of ascii text.