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Using F. &nbspin Equations

Question asked by jbeck on Oct 13, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2007 by jbeck
Thanks to Mark, I managed to get the equation for capacity working using the Graphs>Add>Equations.  When I went to create a formula for inductors I noticed that  F./im(ZIN1) functioned fine but im(ZIN1)/F. did not.  Going back to some other equations the same thing held true.  Even I realized this would be a problem when the formula is L=Xl/W.  W=2PIF.  Pressing the neighbors teenage daughter, who is taking algebra, into action a collaborative workaround was arrived at:  Namely 1/(2*PI*(F./im(ZIN1))).  So the question is am I missing something, or do I have to follow the general rule of  F./measurement rather than measurement/F. stop   I didn't test this extensively but it seems like  im(ZIN1)*F. doesnt work either.  
 The more I think about this the more I am sure that I am doing something stupid.
  Thanks for Help!