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Some operations with the RCLIN model

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jul 28, 2004
Some operations with the Distributed RC Transmission line model  (RCLIN)
(found on the TLINE menu)

The input variables for the RCLIN model are R, C, L, U (units of L or C)
In comparison of two different RCLIN models,  the two will be equivalent if:
R1L1 = R2L2  (taking care to note numerical value AND units for L1, L2)
C1L1 = C2L2 (again taking care to properly address numerical value AND units for L, C)

See schematic SCH1.  Equivalence between line 2-1 and line 3-4 exists because net
inductance is same.  Graph1 shows S21 and S11 traces from both lines on SCH1.

Note: Two linear analyses were used simply to facilitate easier demonstration that both
lines on SCH1 are producing identical results.

Next, consider schematic SCH2.
Note that, compared to SCH1, both R and C are increased by a factor of 1000.
Therefore, in order for the product of RL(sch1) to equal RL(sch2), the L of  sch2
must be decreased by the same factor.  L(sch2) = 1/1000 * L(sch1) = 0.002 in

Note also that the product CL of sch1 equals CL of sch2, thus the RCLIN on sch2
produces same results, shown on graph2.