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Problem with VEE Actions

Question asked by JoergMaisenbacher on Sep 7, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2009 by JoergMaisenbacher

We are using a lot of VEE Actions. Some of them have user-panels others don't.
If a vee action gets called through the vee service manager, the vee-window is in the state (maximized / minimized / default) it was left in former actions.
Vee: 8.5 / TestExec 6.11

Some Actions requires user-interaction and have a panel. For easier use, those windows are maximized calling a windows-API function from within vee.

This causes all following vee windows to be maximized in front of TestExec -> extrem flickering, each time a vee action is called. And our testplans are nearly 100% vee-based....

I tried to minimize the windows once an action is finished using API-calls (same function as maximize, only other parameter). But this renders all following vee-panels inoperatable, the windows just don't get any focus. If i try to close vee via right-click on the taskbar i get the message: "can't close vee while running", and even this messagebox is not click/closable.

Is there any way to keep vee actions minimized and also have the possibility to maximize windows if required?
This used to work in our "old setup" with vee 7.5/TestExec 5.1.