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xwindowop on windows systems

Question asked by agp06 on Jun 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2010 by agp06
I am trying to replicate the behaviour of the Unix xwindowop contributed utility on the Window environment (rev 7.10)
with no luck.
What I want to do is to assign the report to a report window that will open in a "user specified" location.
In the Ux environment this is easilly acheived by using the xwindowp utility with the following syntax:

   execute "/usr/hp3070/contrib/bin/xwindowop -size 350,600" , Err; append  ! to define the window size
   execute "/usr/hp3070/contrib/bin/xwindowop -move 660,140" , Err; append  ! to define the window position

Since this utility is no longer available on Windows systems, I was wondering if anyone has experienced the
same problem/need and, maybe, can suggest me the solution.