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8563A problems

Question asked by Sparrow on Feb 5, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2011 by Sparrow
Hi All, our HP8563A recently developed a problem and now shows the ERR334, ERR317 and ERR301 messages. We have checked the troubleshooting sections of the Service manual as best we can without a comprehensive set of tools, but without Schematics for the A14/A15 modules it is difficult to follow signal paths. We see variations in the A14 schematics, our board is 08563-60006, while the schematics we found on this forum are for different revisions, e.g. U204 is a completely different chip on my A14.
Firstly, does anyone know of a "common" fault with this instrument that results in the above errors? and secondly, does anyone have, or know where we could obtain schematics for the unit,particularly, the A14 module?
This is an expensive, but wonderful piece of test gear and we'd love to have it operational again.
Thanks in advance.