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New i3070 Series5 : Results from customer lines!

Question asked by ndru_tek on Feb 8, 2010
Hi all,
Just want to quickly share some exciting results on our new i3070 Series5 that has come from customers' production lines from a number of evals. This just one of the feature of Series5 (i.e the improved thruput). There are other features as well of course :

ODM#1 Taiwan     Done Nov 2009     :  Improved 10.51%
CM#1 Kunshan           Done Dec 2009          :  Improved 27.17%
ODM#2 (Shanghai)     Done Jan 2010           :  Improved 14.30%
CM#2 (South China)   Done Jan 2010           : Improved 22.24%
CM#3 (South China)   Done Feb 2010           : Improved 18.42%

See attached for breakdown of time.