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How to add protocol software on 16902A

Question asked by mkawasaki Employee on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by algoss
I got an email question from a customer today and I don't know the answer.  Posting it on the Forum so the experts can give the answer, while possibly helping others with a similar set of questions.



Not sure if these fall within your area of expertise but I figured you would know who I should ask. We have a few Logic Analyzers, 16902a, that we would like to add some of the protocol software to. I found the software on your web site

The problem is when we run the install we get a message about not having a license for the software. What I couldn't find is any information on where or how I'd get one of these licenses. Also, since we bought these from a third party is there any way to look up whether or not there are already licences for these units? All that information is cleared out of the Analyzer but it is possible I did this myself when I loaded the latest version of the Analyzer software onto the unit.