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Any chance to have an ATE version MXA/EXA?

Question asked by YS on Aug 3, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2009 by tabbott
Is there any chance that we can have an ATE version MXA/EXA? In other words, I don't need those control panel and LCD panel. I just need a LAN/USB/GPIB interface so that I can control this equipment remotely with a cost effective prize.

The story is that we have several EXA and several MXA in LAB. Most of the function of those high performance equipment performs a role as part of the ATE system. So the screen is not that important especially we are using 89601A VSA software to perform measurements in the test controller.

And couple months earlier, we see there is an ATE version N5162A MXG VSG so that the cost can be lower.

So we have the idea that "IS THERE ANY CHANCE?" to have the same ATE version MXA/EXA such that the prize can be even lower and still keep the same functionality and performance.

Just a stupid thoughts... Thanks for read...