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i5000 software on i3070 or hp3070

Question asked by Lee.D on Jun 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by Lee.D
Hello everyone, I have a hopefully quick question. We are trying to find a way to use some i5000 files (unmuxed hybrid double density 144 cards) on either a hp3070 unix system version 5.21 or an i3070 version 7.2 (hybrid standard double density cards). All we really want to be able to do is to verify the probe, transfer, and testjet wiring without having to individually ohm out each connection manually with an ohm-meter and the wirelist (or creating a dummy config file and using the find pins function). Getting working pins and shorts tests would be nice too. Will this be possible or do we just need to create a dummy config file and use find pins for the hybrid card connections and an ohm meter for the control card, asru, and tesjet connections?