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shorts test fail

Question asked by on Jul 30, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by dbailey
hi all:
    a fixture with mint pin shorts(214128,21528),and program have two sub shorts program.
program can verify a resistance(not use 214128,21528 ),if Res=<12 Ohm,then test sub shorts_lf program,
or test sub shorts program.but use this fixture,when Res >12 and test sub shorts,we can't detect shorts
between 214128 and 21528.only test sub shorts_lf  can detect this shorts.I compare shorts and shorts_lf,
different only about that resistance.
    At first,we don't know mint pin shorts.and we save the file "shorts" as "shorts_lf" or "shorts1" ,
comp "shorts_lf" or "shorts1" then test "shorts_lf.o" or "shorts1.o" ,it can detect mint pin shorts(214128,21528)
but why test 'short.o' can't find mint pin shorts(214128,21528)?
   Then we comp 'shorts',and test 'shorts.o' ,however,it can't detect  mint pin shorts(214128,21528).
I have been puzzled,who can explain,thanks!
Best wishes!