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Linux / HP-UX compatibility

Question asked by aolivar on Sep 10, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2010 by daICThack

  Does any of you have used a Linux Server as a file server for the 3070 applications?  Do you know ir there are compatibility issues with Bt-basic?

  I configured a Linux server with SUSE 10.3 and enabled the NIS daemons.  I also configured the HP-UX controller with NIS.  There is a good communication and I can authenticate the users added in the Unix controller on the Linux server.  Each user in the controller belongs to the hp3070 group and also to a special group created to have access permits.

When I log on with one of this users, it correctly authenticates in the Linux server, when I open a bt-basic window and move to the Linux server path it works fine, but when i start working with a file, for example a testplan, the bt-basic window losses the path and when I put a "pwd" command it shows me that is on "/".

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot,

Alejandro Olivar