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BUG: Report-window and UUT final result

Question asked by OnlyOne on Dec 11, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2008 by OnlyOne
i have Testexec 4.1 and TEstExec 6.1.1 installed.
The problem occurs in Testexec 4.1 AFTER i installed 6.1

i have a problem with the UUT result which appears in the report-window at the end.
Fot this i created a Testplan with four dummy-steps:
1. EchoInt32: 1 (Limits: 0, 2) = Pass
2. EchoInt32: 2 (Limits: 1, 3) = Pass
3. EchoInt32: 3 (Limits: 9, 10) = Fail
4. EchoInt32: 4 (Limits: 3, 5) = Pass

Now i can select in Menu+Options+"Testplan Options" between two stop-types:
a.) Halt On Failure Count = 1
b.) Ignore all Failures

When i select type "a" then the testplan stops at the first fail that means only Test 1,2,3 are running and not Test4.
In the report window it shows:
-------- End of Testplan
2 Passed Tests
1 Failed Tests

When i run "b" then all 4 tests are executing,
The report-window shows this:
-------- End of Testplan
3 Passed Tests
1 Failed Tests

The problem is now:
Why is the UUT passed in "b" if there was a failure? Why are not both UUTs failed?

This seems to be a BIG BUG in version 6.1 that the program overwrites some data of the 4.1 installation.
The problem occurs only in 4.1 when 6.1 is co-installed.

In testexec 5.1 the final result was also failed when running "Ignore all failures"