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Running multiple throughput in multithreading

Question asked by jacaheyo on Jun 30, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by jacaheyo
Hi there,

I am trying to execute a testplan with multiple UUT in thread. (For say  I have 4 tests to run for 3 UUTs in my testplan )
Is it possible not to run the tests in thread, but only to allow the UUTs to perform the tests in parallel?

I learnt that there is an option to select execution in Multithreading by enabling the checkbox below

but by enabling all the checkboxes to all 4 of the tests, it will not only allow the UUTs to run in thread; all the tests will also run in thread.
So to prevent this from happening, I also learn that I have to add a "wait thread" statement after each of the tests that has been enabled threading.

But the question is, there will be a waiting time in between, the run time for each UUT may not be the same in every test -- hence there will be a waiting time for the UUT which completed earlier.

Actual timeframe

Hoping to see

Is there any method I can perform in TestExec SL that could do to optimize the testplan run time?

Thanks in advance