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e4981a Capacitance Meter Connection

Question asked by Peloshine on Nov 14, 2011
Hi, I'm Luis Alonso..

Sorry If I posted on a different Forum...

I´m currently working with one of your equipments that is on my school a e4981a Capacitance meter, here in school most of my teachers are clueless about the usage of this equipment, and they ask me to investigate.. for a simple thesis theme that consist in a simple measurment of a diode or another DUT and make a votlage sweep and graph it against capacitance.. (I alredy understand how to make a measurment and stuff and I also already made the interface using LabVIEW) my question is there any way to make a simple measurment of capcitance whitout using the test fixture (just using BNC cables hook up to the DUT), and if so, how will be this set-up.
I will really apreciate your help, and Thanks in advance...