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Question asked by Brig Asay Employee on Jun 30, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Or_Shiri
Serial Data Interface is an important video application.  This UDA allows you to test SDI with your Infiniium oscilloscope.

To run this application, first you need to unzip the package. 

Then you need to unzip the "install_Example.SDI" on your oscilloscope and then instal the "setup_Example.SDI.exe" on your oscilloscope.

You need to copy the SDI_Compliance.exe file in a created directory: C:/UDA/

You also need to copy all the files from the "Release" directory into a created C:/scope/UDA/Release directory on your oscilloscope. 

After you install the file there you will need to install the setup_SDI.exe on your oscilloscope.  You then need close and open your Infiniium application.

You can find the 75 ohm adaptor through Agilent.