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Fieldfox N9912A fast scanning help

Question asked by fieldfox_user on May 14, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2010 by wstark
I am new to Agilent SA, and hence am facing some difficulty in programming a fieldfox N9912A using SCPI. What I would like to do is to scan a huge chunk of spectrum at a particular span. I would like to do this as fast as possible.

Here's the pseudo-code I am using right now:

for center_freq=start:end
    SENS:FREQ:CENT center_freq
    SENS:FREQ:SPAN some_span
    Read data from device

The sweep times are around 30ms, but the whole operation turns out to be extremely slow. For capturing spectrum from 100KHz to 1GHz, it takes an enormous amount of time (around 30 minutes!) at 250KHz span. Is there any way I could speed up things?