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Flash programing problem

Question asked by ShujiNAKAO on Feb 21, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2010 by Jon_oc
Dear All,
I am a test engineer for 3070.
I have the following problem regarding a flash programing.

There is the flash memory called M29W640GB is similar to S29GL064NxxB on a target.
I tried to download the Intel hex file about 200k bytes to the flash memory with flash option,
but I can not download it properly, By the check, I could download the file till 10k bytes(5k words),
but the flash memory does not return the busy acknowleage more than 5-10k bytes, and I also checked
to write same fixed data (such as "5555") to the flash memory, I could not get the busy ack. from the
flash more than about 5 - 10k bytes.
Then I checked to monitor DQ5 error bit, so DQ5 goes high when no returning the busy ack., I guess
this bit is one of timeout error accroding to the data sheet, but I am not sure this timeout time is
really root cause even if the flash memory has a timeout of programing time.

Have anyone experienced thus similar problems?
I appricate any helpfull sugestetions and information.

Sincerely yours,
Shuji NAKAO from Japan