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Bug or feature: report field <referencing> symbol table

Question asked by Juergen on Dec 3, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2010 by jinho
Hello TestExec Team,

I created a report configuration with the "Datalogging Configuration Editor". The report consists of fields which are "referenced to a symbol of this name" in the testplan.

If i run a testplan which does not have this symbol in it's symbol table i get an exception "DataLog symbolic reference failed" > Is this a bug or feature?

I would prefer that the report can consist of various fields which CAN be updated by a symbolic reference in the testplan, but does not have to. If the symbol is not available it should not be reported/updated nor call an exception nor a report window message.

As it is now, every testplan needs all the fields, which reference to a symbol table, defined in the symbol table. Also if these symbols are not needed for this testplan.

Are there any changes concerning reporting in TestExec 7?

Best regards,