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How to apply 1MHz waveform to UUT by 3070

Question asked by leo on Jun 27, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by yenuplaotis
source sine/square.. can provide 1-20KHz signal

source arb seems to be able to provide large frequency waveform but I can not find the frequency limit description.The statement is like:
source arb, samples 1024, repetition 32768, voltages "WaveForm", on.
Sample can be 1024 and repetition can be 32768. If my voltages data block is as following:
0,5,0,5.......(repeat 512 of "0,5"). Can I get the square wave form at 512x32768 Hz frequency? The notes says"Note that the output is controlled by a two-pole filter with a 3db bandwidth at 120KHz". Does it mean the upper limit of arb output is 120kHz.

Then maybe the only way to provide 1Mhz is by the digital dirver?