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Genesys2004.03 Server Installation Not Working on Win98, ME

Question asked by splatt on May 13, 2004
The client portion of a Network installation on Windows 98 and ME do not work in the Genesys 2004.03 release. GENESYS has a new FlexLM license manager and GENESYS doesn't seem to be parsing the path correctly. This can be fixed easily by changing a registry entry.

Attached is .reg file that can be run and will correct the problem. Simply save this attachment onto your computer and double click on it to run it. It will change the entry for you. However, there is a small task that you need to perform before you run the .reg file.

Right click on the file and click edit. The file will look like this:



change "server" to be the name or your server (ie. the name of the computer that you have the server portion running).

Save the changes. You can now double-click on it to run it.

Scott Platt