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Is there a ripple function to optimze for a flat frequency r

Question asked by MUGU57 on Nov 24, 2004
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2004 by JERRY_MARKETOS
is there a ripple function available in the optimizer so that I can optimze a circuits frequeny respsone to a flat frequency response , so for example to +/-0.4dB, when I donot know the exact absolute gain of the circuit, and I especially donot care about its absolute value. I can only find in the optimzer to input a absolute max or min value. So i can say max=4dB min=3.2dB but I would like to say max ripple is 0.8dB min=0dB and donot care if the average gain is 4 or 3.6dB or even 5dB.

Did I overlook a macro function or is this capability not availabel at the moment.
kind regards Michael